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If you know me, you know how much Jacqui and I love the Philippines, it was great to kick start my campaign with the Sunrise Events crew and the xterra community. From the moment you step foot in the Philippines sunrise (Princess & Fred) take care of you and provide you with an awesome experience.


After a solid 2015 season I took some much-needed R&R, Jacqui and I went on a holiday to Bali, spent quality time with family and tried to stay in one place long enough for it to feel like home. This lead to a very short preparation for the first race of 2016. I don’t like making excuses, so I won’t. My performance and preparation was good. Training has been going well and I was feeling ready to start off the year on a high. But, luck wasn’t on my side, the first race jitters must of got the better of me and just about everything that could go wrong went wrong!!!


I even crashed and, went down hard too; I haven’t done that in a long time. Of course, as a pro athlete if you don’t win you feel like the looser, but I walked away from this race having learnt valuable lessons. There where a few things I let slip in my preparation, which ultimately lead me to executing an above average race. At the pointing end of the race, above average isn’t going to cut it.


Good swim gave me a lead heading onto the bike, rode within my current capabilities, but lost focus or mentally fatigued, causing me to misjudge a rock garden at high speed, totally wiping myself out injuring the right side of my body, taking off skin and breaking a section of my handle bars. So very lucky to ride away! There’s something inside me that says no matter what life throws at you, don’t let it get the better of you. “ Never give up and never surrender.”


I was in a position to challenge for the win, but the xterra gods had other plans for me now. To survive and get to the finish line as best I could. The run was extremely painful, I felt like I was hoping around the entire 10km, battered and bloody, I had to keep fighting. Luckily for me I had a solid lead from the next competitor, and I was able to hold onto my second place. Races like this you almost want to forget, because you think you had a bad race. But you never forget a race in the Philippines, win, loose or DNF.


You have good days and bad days, and days where nothing seems to go right. That’s life, how boring would it be if everything always went to plan.

Moving on, I’m excited for what this year has installed for me. Now that the first race is over with no more mistakes, its time to put the right process back in place and deliver the goods.


Thanks very much to Sunrise Events, especially Princess, Fred, Emma & Albay for another awesome weekend. My team supporting me to do my very best, On running, Giant Bikes Australia, Flight Centre Active Travel, Champion Systems, SH Plus, Schnell Carbon Wheels, Greeper laces and my family/friends.



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