Off-Road triathlon isn’t easy. It’s the support from our family, friends and sponsors that enable us to fulfill a dream at concurring a challenge against unknown lands… Be grateful and share in your journey with the people around you who have helped you get to where you are today!


The videos are small clips from the 2014 Xterra World Championships and it gives you an insight into the true dimensions that I face in the life of getting down & dirty, Off-Road triathlon style! The small 6 part clips will engage your desire to see the final product, which I will release before the 2015 WORLD Xterra Championship…


So be sure to follow and tune into my Facebook page: Ben Allen Triathlete to see each inspiring video of “WHO IS BEN ALLEN?”


Anyway, enjoy the videos. I appreciate your support and encouragement and I look forward to you joining me on the dirty road to Maui. I’m counting down the days to the Big Race.


Get after it and remember – the destination is important, but you’ve got to enjoy the journey too.


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