My 2016 XTERRA World Championships, Maui Hawaii   

Xterra World Championships 3rd place finish... Pic Jesse Peters

Xterra World Championships 3rd place finish… Pic Jesse Peters


23rd October 2016           


Flying under the radar… The typical “under dog” was what I was labeled before the start of the race!


That was completely fine by me and I went about my business doing what I do best, with my team there supporting me every step of the way. It’s the 21st edition of the World Title race and my fifth appearance on Maui to test myself against the fittest and strongest off-road triathlete on the planet.


There something about Maui that brings the best out of myself. I absolutely love and hate this race at the same time. When I tell people I’m off the Maui for the World Champs, they say, wow that’s amazing… To be honest I feel super lucky don’t get me wrong, but there is only so many things you can do on an island…. Plus Jacqui and I come to race and race only!! Athlete problems, I know!!!


Race week is always pretty hectic, with media interviews, clinics, Skype calls, emails, training and meetings. But Jacqui and I always make sure, we all sit down as a family, know matter who is at our house and enjoy dinner altogether as a one BIG family. This makes things seem “normal”.


This year we were very lucky to have an amazing support crew with us. A house full of passionate people believing in us and allowing us to do our very best on race day.


Race day was epic…. For once there was a decent wave, Heuy the “surf god” had delivered the goods and I was so stoked to see some swell at DT Flemmings beach. That said I lead the entire swim, cracked a beauty of a wave on the first lap and ran up the beach and around the flags and back into the water again.

Surf's up dude... Benny getting some air time!

Surf’s up dude… Benny getting some air time!

Heading back out to sea to round the last buoy for home and I was able to get a hold on another one. But, this one nailed me into the sand bank. I eventually surfaced, with I reckon about have of DT Flemming beach in my suit to exit the water in 2nd spot. Perfect positioning as I headed into transition to start the bike leg.


The bike was gnarly, days leading up to the race it rained a lot, which made the course super muddy and very slippery. It’s the same for everyone! I had half of DT Flemmings beach down my pants why not add some Maui mud to mix things up a bit… Yeeeew


Best way to describe how I rode was, “hang the f#ck on and embrace the chaos”. My ride was almost perfect, a few minor mechanicals, which threw a spanner in the works, but other than that, it was solid.

Embrace the Maui mud and hang on for dear life!!! Pic Jesse Peters

Embrace the Maui mud and hang on for dear life!!! Pic Jesse Peters

Off the bike in third and ran comfortable, coming home in third at the Xterra World Champs. That my third, third place finish in Maui in the last four years! One thing for sure is that I’m consistent. But the, scary thing is I know how to win this race now and I can see first spot within arms reach. Can’t wait for Maui 2017!!!!


I have to say a HUGE thank you to the people that have helped me. Your support, love and words of wisdom are priceless.

Support crew in Maui... #BJRacing

Support crew in Maui… #BJRacing

My Family, Friends & Sponsors you are my everything! Thank you so much!


Benny Allen

Kona Beer Shower anyone???

Kona Beer Shower anyone???

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